Keep moving! Discover you organic Phyto partners

Organic phyto products such as ginseng, used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, or more recently acerola cherry can help us adapt to the changing seasons. They help you to stay on track and keep up with the pace. Choose the products that work for you.

Acerola Cherry: The organic vitamin C source

In Brazil, where the acerola cherry grows, it is most commonly consumed as juice. Natural vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue.

Organic Acerola 1000: One tablet per day is enough! Our tablet is characterized by its delicious taste with natural berry flavor, but most importantly for its high content of natural vitamin C: One tablet provides 1,000 mg of organic acerola cherry extract with 170 mg of natural vitamin C* that is over 100 % of the RDA**.

Need more energy and vitality? Panax ginseng

A privilege of Asian emperors throughout history, ginseng is a famous plant recognized for it positive effects on physical and mental vitality.

Our organic Ginseng-Royal Jelly-Acerola Cherry combines all the required qualities: certified organic, manufactured in our laboratories, with 6-year-old Panax ginseng CA Meyer with 20 mg of ginsenosides per phial and elected Best Organic Product***!

A targeted and gradual program!

And made with naturopathy principles.

Our organic Vitality Protocol is a 30-day program using organic plants in 3 successive 10-day stages:

  • Stage 1: Ginseng helps to strengthen the body and restore energy
  • Stage 2: Rhodiola improves physical and medical resistance
  • Stage 3: Elderberry and echinacea strengthen the immune system

Our naturopathy tip to start the year with a boost

Our bodies have a natural gift for movement. In fact, our muscle mass contributes to our vitality and physical exercise relieves mental stress, which consumes larges quantities of energy. Yoga, Pilates, tai-chi and qi gong are very gentle and generate energy.


*212.5 % of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), average value.
**Recommended Dietary Allowance
***By a jury of 100 organic consumers on