The liver - your new best friend

Do you know what your liver does? It cleanses and detoxifies the blood, removing polluting agents. It transforms and treats excess sugar and fat. In other words, it should be a top priority.

Nutrition tips

The liver prefers balanced food combinations and light treats. With the onset of the festive season, eat vegetable soups. Lamb’s lettuce is in our stores again: use it to make a delicious creamy soup with chestnut milk instead of cream and season it with turmeric. It's that easy!

Be happy or adopt a positive attitude

Several idiomatic expressions around the world reflect the association between the liver and our attitude. According to the Antique theory of the four humors, bile secreted by the liver indicated anger. Choose positive energy! Display positive messages around the house and go for a run: this generates endorphins, a sort of natural remedy against stress. Genuine happy hormones.

Gentle warmth

Wind up your day with a delicious plant infusion after your evening meal. Take a hot-water bottle to bed wrapped in a towel. Place it on your liver, to the right of your abdomen.

Precious Organic Phyto partners

Enjoy the specific recognized benefits of some plants. We created our Organic Milk Thistle Digestion Quatuor for you with with four selected organic plants:

  • Milk thistle to cleanse the liver and ensures it functions correctly
  • Artichoke for renal elimination
  • Rosemary widely used in cooking for its flavor
  • Juice of black radish, SUPERDIET’s iconic vegetable since 1974 completes the formula