Alliances with our French producers

We created our regional
“Solidarity-based Partnerships”.

Regional Partners


Before organic agriculture certification in 1992, René Haussin committed to giving priority to local sources for their plants and vegetables, and refused all “inputs” to their growth, such as chemical products and pesticides. In 1986, he created the first partnerships with local market gardeners who used no inputs.

In 2000, we created our “Partenariats solidaires” (Solidarity -based Partnerships), an official alliance with our regional producers and we launched our own logo in 2015! The logo pays tribute to our founder and producers who promote our long-term collaboration.

A stable alliance, our relation with farmers is based on sincere values. For several years, we have provided financial and operational support by committing to future purchases so our producers can work with complete peace of mind. And we intend to take this further by giving them our forecasts for three years.

Most of our raw materials are sourced in France. As a result, we can guarantee organic and French food supplements.