Spring is on the way! It’s time for an ORGANIC detox!

According to traditional hygiene principles, when you’ve been overdoing it, your body may have trouble eliminating waste and feel the need to cleanse. It’s time to detox.

Naturopathy focuses on cleansing

If you are low on energy and feel heavy. If you have a dull complexion, skin problems or slow digestion...your body is giving you signs that your organs need help. Learn how to help them!

Help your emunctories

Some of our organs are called emunctories. They rid our bodies of toxins: the liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin. When our body is polluted it accumulates waste, feels tired and functions inadequately.  To help your body cleanse, it is important to listen to your liver. It is a key organ for detoxification. It needs to be in good health to filter blood carrying waste.

Tips and good habits

Naturopaths are unanimous...it is advisable to maintain good habits all year round: eat several portions of whole fruit and vegetables, follow a balanced diet, get fresh air and hydrate your body regularly with pure water or organic infusions.

Organic Drainaflore, your ORGANIC DETOX partner*

We developed Organic Drainaflore, an exclusive complex of 15 organic plants and fruit to target all five emunctories:

  • Burdock and wild pansy: known for contributing to clean skin
  • Chicory: to protect the liver from toxins
  • Birch: stimulates intestinal activity
  • Couch or Dog grass: known to promote excretion by the kidneys
  • Mallow: for a healthy respiratory system


Formulated by our teams according to naturopathy principles, Organic Drainaflore is particularly recommended when there is a change of season or before starting a diet.


*With birch for detox action.