Slow intestinal transit? Plants can help.

Changes in habits (travel, events, etc.) and lifestyle can slow intestinal transit. Here are some tips for feeling comfortable and lighter. They help your intestines and reduce bloating.

A healthy lifestyle

Don’t forget the basics: exercise regularly, eat food rich in fibers including fruit and vegetables, hydrate regularly throughout the day with pure water, organic infusions, vegetable soup and fruit juice.

Our Phyto tips

Plants are the key! Three of our food supplements combine ingredients and plants recognized for their benefits like Chinese rhubarb and blond psyllium.


Recognized for its effectiveness in relieving constipation and reducing bloating, Chinese rhubarb is the star plant in Hygiaflore. We have associated it with marshmallow, rose, artichoke, basil, cilantro, fermented products and beer yeast. Hygiaflore has been a favorite with our consumers for over 20 years. It is unrivaled as Superdiet’s leading product!

Hygiaflore with organic psyllium is a strong alternative to our Hygiaflore: it combines four organic plants and blond psyllium husk.

Well-known for providing relief from constipation, blond psyllium (or “Indian Plantago”) husks help the intestines function correctly and improve bowel movement by forming a mass.

We have also included rosemary for its benefits for normal intestinal transit and liver health, chicory which helps to maintain healthy intestines and facilitate intestinal transit. The last ingredient is basil (or great basil).