Organic Phyto for your circulation!

100,000 km! The length of the amazing network of large arteries and small blood vessels that circulate blood around the human body. Its main role is to circulate life through us!

Blood circulation is “essential”

This vital liquid irrigates our cells as it circulates around the body, providing them with nutrition and oxygen. A sedentary lifestyle, insufficient oxygen, excess weight: make simple lifestyle and diet choices to improve your blood circulation.

Recharge your oxygen level

Take advantage of the good weather to get outside and get moving: cycling, fitness walking, roller-blading, jogging…do what you feel capable of doing. Also, cut down on smoking or stop altogether: smoking reduces the amount of oxygen which penetrates our body, creating a negative impact on blood circulation.

You are what you eat!

Choose food that is good for your circulation: blueberries, blackcurrants, garlic, onion. Drink mineral water, vegetable juice and plant infusions.

Learn to relax

Stress causes our blood vessels to constrict. Try yoga, meditation or tai-chi to relax - you don’t need to be fit to get started.

Plants to the rescue

Superdiet has been a staunch believer for over 50 years that plants are gifts from nature. Our founder and naturopath René Haussin was convinced that wellness depends on overall balance. Phyto products are a useful addition, thanks to specific actions recognized in certain plants. We created the organic Red Vine Circulation Quatuor with four selected organic plants (no coloring agents*, no alcohol and no preservatives):

  • Red vine and ginkgo are good for blood circulation
  • Horse chestnut revitalizes circulation
  • Witch hazel is the last ingredient in SUPERDIET’s Quatuor

French manufacturer, EU/Non EU ingredients

More information?

Our organic liquid extracts and pure juices are made in our laboratories in France with tried and tested methods since the 1970s:

  • Decoction-Infusion: the combination of these two methods creates a 'liquid extract'.
  • The cold-pressing process results in 'pure juice'.

Superdiet guarantees that some of our certified organic raw materials are sourced in France in partnership with organic plant growers**.


*In compliance with current regulations for organic production.
**Commitments to future purchases give plant growers peace of mind for their production. For over 40 % of our organic ingredients harvested in France (chopped raw materials, powder or fresh vegetables.