Nature is generous

The latest ingredients to give your life an organic phyto boost!

Microalgae, dried berries, seeds, husks, powder of herbs and roots...all these new natural and organic elements will play an important role in the way we eat in the future.

 Good health!

Learn about them to understand what works for you! For example, if you are feeling tired take Spirulina powder for energy and vitality. It also helps with weight control and reduces the appetite. One of the many advantages is the Chlorella which helps to detoxify the body and improves the immune system.

For your heart!

The root of Turmeric is amazing. It has nine benefits for your health! It is also positive for joint and bone health. It contributes to healthy cardiovascular and respiratory systems and regular functions in the intestinal tract. For healthy skin, say: turmeric!

Have you heard of chia seeds?

Originally from Mexico and Guatemala, chia seeds were an important pre-Columbian food source for the Mayas and the Aztecs. Chia seeds are one of the main plant sources of omega-3, essential fatty acids which our bodies need but are unable to produce. They are rich in fiber and plant protein.

Quality standards

All the ingredients in our new 100% natural organic range have been carefully selected and are certified organic. They are also vegan, preservative-free*, gluten-free and have positive effects on health**.

Follow the guide! ***

We have developed innovative and creative recipes with a cooking specialist using only plants and vegetables. Tasty smoothies, spreads, porridge, fresh juice and goji balls… Try them and enjoy!


*Except for maca.
**Except for goji berries, chia seeds, barley grass, wheatgrass and camu camu.
***Subject to availability in participating stores.