Our flagship product:
organic Pure Black Radish Juice

Organic black radish is a typical product of the Hauts-de-France region.

Our organic Pure Black Radish Juice is the flagship product of our range of 80 food supplements in phials. It is now one of the leading natural phyto ingredients .

Loyal to our founder’s convictions

45 years after its creation, we are still making our organic Pure Black Radish Juice after the autumn harvest with the mechanical cold-pressing process created by our founder.

 Our founder René Haussin discovered black radish in his extensive reading about the benefits of plants. In 1974, he developed the mechanical cold-pressing process and presented it in phials.

To ensure the quality and traceability of our symbolic food supplement, and reduce transport, we prefer products with organic certification sourced in France , and as local as possible.

A seasonal product

Our organic black radish is produced and harvested in the Hauts de France and Normandy regions in northern France between September and January.


Black Radish Juice