Our organic tablets

Our organic SUPERDIET tablets contain the highest proportion of plants possible, and the least additives possible. *

Our Research & Development team have been working on our organic tablets for a long time. The process they have developed uses less additives than formulas for standard organic tablets.

We combine concentrated organic plant extracts and organic plant powders. Thanks to this blend, our tablets have the maximum quantity of plants with the minimum quantity of additives. This significantly reduces the number of tablets you take each day.

Organic acacia gum and rice starch are two of the natural and certified organic additives we use, in compliance with European regulations for organic agriculture. Organic acacia gum is used as a binding agent to secure the organic powders together and organic rice starch to facilitate compression.

Our organic tablets area characterized by their natural formula: they contain organic plant powder, concentrated organic plant extracts and the least possible additives which are mostly both organic and natural.

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*Additives or excipients are only used in the tablet-manufacturing process for technical purposes to facilitate compression.