Flexible joints*

In constant use, our fragile joints suffer over time. Fixed, mobile or semi-mobile, it’s important to take care of your joints! Learn how.

Keep moving

Active joints are less stiff Take the stairs not the the lift, walk, try yoga: it is highly recommended for healthy joints. Alway warm up before exercising and stretch afterwards.

Carry water with you all the time

The cartilage in our joints are made of 75% water so hydration is vital. Learn to listen to your body and drink when you feel thirsty.

Select what you eat

Raw vegetables to start, fresh fruit for dessert (kiwis, citrus fruit) with high vitamin C content that contributes to the natural formation of collagen, necessary for optimal bone action.

Try organic plants

Some will provide an appreciable supplement, thanks to their specific actions which are widely recognized. Our organic Horsetail Joint Quatuor, created by our teams and manufactured in our laboratories, with no coloring, no alcohol and no preservative** is a liquid extract made with four organic plants:

  • Devil’s Claw helps maintain joint flexibility,
  • Horsetail contributes to joint health and strengthens cartilage,
  • Blackcurrants and ash are the other two ingredients in Superdiet's Quatuor.

French manufacturer, EU/Non EU ingredients


More information?

Our organic liquid extracts and pure juices are made in our laboratories in the Hauts de France region in the north of France using methods which have been tried and tested since the 1970s:

  • Decoction-Infusion: the combination of these two methods create a 'liquid extract',
  • The cold-pressing process results in 'pure juice'.


*Witch hazel and Horsetail favor healthy articulations.
**In compliance with current regulations for organic production.