Discover how we make our organic plant liquid extracts

Each plant organ contains aromas, unique properties they exude when infused. We have been using the extraction process to release the active ingredients from plants for over 30 years. We conduct this process in our own laboratories in the Hauts-de-France in northern France, reducing impact on the environment.

To make approximately 100 organic aqueous extracts, we use over 40 cut and dried organic plants. Some of them require a traditional extraction process, possible thanks to our unique knowledge about plants and expertise as a manufacturer.

More about our Decoction-Infusion method

 We use this method to make our liquid extracts with organic plants. This simple and natural method has two stages and releases the best elements of plant organs:

  1. Decoction:

This process is used for the toughest parts of plants like roots and bark. We soak chopped and dried plants in a tank full of boiling water (100° C) treated by the osmosis process*. Then we boil for several minutes to soften the plants.

The next stage, infusion is conducted immediately after decoction. Optimal extraction continues.

  1. Infusion:

This process is particularly interesting for the tender parts of plants such as leaves and flowers. The plant is soaked in hot water, over 80° C, but not boiling. Time and temperatures are optimized during the decoction and infusion stages. 

Discover the stages required for making our organic liquid extracts:

  • 1st stage: Weigh and prepare the plant
  • 2nd stage: Decoction and Infusion
  • 3rd stage: Filtration of the aqueous organic extract
  • 4th stage: The organic liquid extract is put into drinkable phials
  • 5th stage: The phials are packaged in cartons

How to recognize the number of plants in our organic fluid extracts

We are completely transparent about the number of plants and water used to make our organic liquid extracts. As a result we can guarantee one of the highest dry plant equivalent ratios . We also make sure our organic liquid extracts are pleasant to drink. The dry plant equivalent ratio is the exact amount of dried plants required in water as a ratio of the daily dose, for example per 15-ml phial .

Did you know?

The extraction of active ingredients from plants is an ancient process. Man discovered the benefits of plants very early and the first methods for releasing them created what we now call an 'extract'.


*Water treated by the reverse-osmosis process is extremely pure! In compliance with European Pharmacopoeia standards, we use purified water to make our liquid extracts sold in phials. Filtered with a very low mineral content, this water becomes a solvent which does not interact with the plants.