Discover how we make organic capsules

The journey from the plant to the capsule

 To make organic plant capsules, we make a mixture using organic concentrated plant extracts or plant powders and we use a marine-derived capsule with organic certification.

To facilitate the manufacturing process, it may be necessary to use natural organic food additives* in compliance with European regulations for organic agriculture. For example, we use calcium carbonate in our organic acerola cherry capsules to avoid the mixture being too viscous and deteriorating the capsule shell. We avoid using additives whenever possible.

The capsule shell counts for approximately 26 % of the product weight. The quality is therefore of key importance. As a result, since 2011 we have been working - including two years in close collaboration with our capsule-shell supplier - to develop the first capsule shell with organic certification made with an Ecocert accredited manufacturing process.

The process also adds value to fish by-products because the gelatin used is made with fish skin which was usually discarded. What’s more, fish farming is recognized for generating little pollution. The manufacturing process for fish capsules is simple: the gelatin is only treated with physical or water-based processes.

Discover the key stages required to make our organic marine-derived capsules:

1st stage: Weigh

  • Organic plant powders
  • Dried extracts of organic plants
  • Organic excipients such as organic acacia gum and rice starch

2nd stage: Mix ingredients

3rd stage: Capsules made with powder

4th stage: Creation of capsules in a tablet-making machine


* An excipient or additive is a substance used to compress. The use is purely technical and has no effect on the active ingredients.